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My Story

Plenty of speakers share what they've done right in order to inspire and motivate.  How many share what they've done wrong?  I share the many decisions I've made in life- the good and the bad- with accountability, humility and humor, with the determination of encouraging others to simply practice ethical leadership in all walks of life.  

My background is unusual. I was once CFO of the Fortune 500 company, HealthSouth Corporation. The company became a Wall Street darling, as within a dozen years of inception it grew from one location to over two thousand in all fifty states and five countries. However, underneath the glimmering corporate office, the fleet of corporate jets, and “consistent” earnings reports, laid a multi-year multi-billion dollar financial statement fraud. Ultimately, I voluntarily came forward and exposed the fraud, and accepted responsibility for my former actions.


Today I’m dedicated to making this a life lesson. I’m passionate about guiding others in the fruits of living and working responsibly and the consequences of unethical conduct. I’ve spoken to thousands of university students, professional association participants and business executives of national and global companies.  Whether I’m making a technical presentation or one on leadership, I strive to motivate people to simply do the right thing.  

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